Know what our clients are saying

I have purchased two Maine Coon kittens from you and I love them so much. They are the best cats I have ever had.

Kirstin / Toronto

I wanted to thank you for the recent Maine Coon kitten you provided us. She is so adorable and I love her already. She is very friendly, vocal and plays hard. We have her in the house and she is a wonderful companion to our two children.

Mike / Boston

I wanted a Maine Coon for many years and we were so excited to finally find a breeder that we could get our maine coon kitten from. Thank you for the tips and information, we’re very happy with our new kitty!

Andy / Las Vegas

I have a very good experience with Maine Coon Kittens Home. They have been very helpful, answered all my questions and gave me a lot of information about the cat breeds and cats in general. I highly recommend this website if you are interested in buying a Maine Coon kitten

Jane / New Jersey

I am the proud owner of two purebred Maine Coon kittens and I have purchased them from this site. The kittens are healthy, happy and gorgeous! The photos that were posted on the website for the kittens were so accurate to what they actually looked like when I got them in person.

Loyd / Washington DC

Before I got my Maine Coon kitten, I was so nervous. I had heard that they were super affectionate and smart. When I got mine, she was so easy to train and potty train. She’s very energetic and playful. She’s such a cuddler too!

Christian / Palo Alto

I was a little worried about ordering from you guys, but I was pleasantly surprised to find how well they communicated with me! The kittens arrived in perfect health and my husband and I couldn’t be happier with our new feathered friends!

Damian / Virginia

I just got my Maine Coon kitten and I am so in love with him! He is currently 11 weeks old and about 14 lbs.

Bryce / Alabama

I have been to many Maine Coon Breeders until I found this one. They are the best Maine Coon breeder I know. Their kittens are very beautiful and they have a lot of experience breeding Maine Coons The Kittens are well socialized, raised in their home, and very healthy.

Peter / Louisiana

We had a fantastic experience with the Maine Coon Kittens Home, and I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing kittens. The kittens are beautiful and healthy, and we love them to pieces!

Emily / Utah

I’m not the type of person who ever writes reviews, but I had to for this amazing Maine Coon breeder. I bought my first Maine Coon from her and I was impressed with how socialized and well behaved he was. He got along great with my other cats and he’s a very good looking cat. Thank you so much for being a reliable breeder!

Ethan / Florida

I was a little worried about ordering from a breeder, since I know they are expensive. But I thought it was worth it. I really love my new kitten, and I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking to get a Maine Coon kittens.

Claire / Maryland