Shipping Policy

Transport and Delivery

Taking the Maine Coon Kittens for sale directly to a new location always looked cruel and embarrassing, but it was actually harder for us than a kitten. Through our years of experience delivering kittens to customers, we are aware that all kittens are well cared for. So stop for a moment and think that the airline doesn’t abuse kittens out of fear of legal proceedings and customer dissatisfaction. We stick food and food instructions for the kitten(s) on the box, put frozen water in the box and thaw it gradually so that the kittens have food. It will be provided to the kitten during the journey.

Average flight time is about 4-6 hours. We always ask about delays and transits and know the exact time and departure of the flight so we can also provide information about where the kitten is. Maine Coon Kittens usually arrives on the same day it ships within a few hours. We have a large stuffed newspaper bed on top of a wooden box for the kitten to sit on, which helps to feel. .. Consider shipping as an option and arrange shipping. This is because in most cases you will find a suitable home for your kitten, but it may not be within driving distance.

The question you are thinking about, “flying cats,” also applies to you! Are you ok? This question is often asked. If not, we certainly don’t consider it. When we first tried shipping kittens a few years ago, we asked this question directly to a shipping company representative. The kitten looks like an airplane pilot and someone takes care of it on the plane. On an airplane, the kitten stays with the kitten until the actual delivery is complete. Carriage with passengers blocked from the plane. When booking pet flights, always call ahead and find the most direct flight available (as if you were looking for your own). He added: “It’s more comfortable and enjoyable to fly a cat for two to six hours than to fly it for more than four hours. And we have great confidence because they are experts and we know they can safely give birth to kittens. Basically, we ship kittens from the US, Canada and the world. Thank you very much. We look forward to developing a warm relationship with you and your new kitten. Our kittens are always part of our large family.

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